MARIO vs Pokémon

What If Mario and Red switched places? Here is the answer!
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Mario and Red switching worlds for the first time ever, are you ready for this epic animation?

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Animated by Maniac Mizuto

If Mario and Red switched places
by Lokman Video

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  1. Well, when you toss a pokeball at another Pokemon, it instantly becomes loyal to you, regardless of how badly you beat it up, or how badly it tried to beat you up. No other factors considered. As long as you caught it with a pokeball, it'll forever obey your every command.

    So what's red up to catching peach with the master ball?

  2. Reds specialty is battle so this is legit except for the vowser and peach thing red aint dumb but yeah mario would probably be fucked unless he was smart like paper Mario but generic msrio 1-3 is not really smart

  3. Hey! Red's going to have to go through the correct paperwork. Only Bowser is allowed to capture Peach! Red is only a regular boss, where Bowser is grade A, 100%, prime cut FINAL boss!

  4. Umm that’s not what would happen….. red would get killed cause Goombas don’t go in poke balls
    Mario would jump on pikachu or any Pokémon in that case and no NOT die but instead squish the damn thing


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