6 ways Mario can beat Sonic in a race

Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog in an epic animation, who will win this amazing race?
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No rules allowed here! Sonic and Mario are determined to win this race!

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Animated by Maniac Mizuto

6 ways Mario can beat Sonic in a race
by Lokman Video

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  1. Another shit video they do not know any of the base abilities where are the super sonic reflections, their speed 9 times mvs ke the light is serious these fucking shit videos should be prohibited they know what the scam is please these incidental videos should not exist Vallance of this fucking shit

  2. nice exept sonic runs near the speeds of light so by the time he starts hes already won leaving mario no time to do any of this, but this is for entertainment so good job

  3. la estrella de Mario no hace que sea rápido como para exagerar y Mario no lograría darle con la bola de nieve ya que Sonic es muy rápido aparte Sonic ya hubiera llegado a la meta y peor lo de la tubería aparte el único Sonic que presenta dificultad al agua es el de Sonic X Sonic hubiera nadado o correr sobre el agua también el misil no le hubiera dado a Sonic porque el tiene buenos reflejos.
    Mario's star does not make him fast enough to exaggerate and Mario would not be able to hit him with the snowball since Sonic is very fast apart Sonic would have already reached the goal and worse the pipeline apart from the only Sonic that presents difficulty when water is that of Sonic X Sonic would have swum or run on water also the missile would not have hit Sonic because he has good reflexes.

  4. That's totally imposible, Sonic can do fastest than light so in some miliseconds Sonic can arribe to the goal, and if Sonic had powerups like Mario, like transformacions or shields, Sonic wins anyways.

  5. I know this is kinda a video made for fun, but 1/6 wouldnt logically work. (or 2/6 if you count the water one)
    0:26 Sonic wouldnt wait. (even if so i dont think a star would give that much speed.)
    0:43 Sonic would had gotten to the flag pole before the pipe spit out mario
    1:00 uh..would tottaly work, but i dont think sonic would had let mario hit him down so easy.
    1:16 The iceball wouldnt be fast enough.
    1:33 This one would work, but the recording kinda lies, sence mario would have to do a spin jump to break the monitor.
    1:56 Sonic wouldnt die in one hit. if anything he would have some rings on him. Oh and i dont think mario is THAT FAST, he wouldnt be able to get to the flag pole before sonic did even with the slow down the bullet bill did.

  6. It is not to say that I am a Boy fan of sonic, although I like it does not mean that it is Boy Fan of sonic, adenas also I like mario, let's get to the point, let's deny some "Ways for Mario to beat Sonic in a race ". I know that it is only an animation but let's take into account how they are in video games. The First: What the hell? The first does not make sense since how can Mario improve his speed with a star? I don't know if there is a Power-Up for that but "It doesn't make sense" haha The Second: This at least makes sense, but here I speak of "errors" because how can Mario fly off as if he were in a cannon? The Third and The Fourth: These do make sense and without any mistakes The fifth: Although the fact of the Box that can move people to other Places is true, it does not make sense to be able to change places with Sonic, It is like saying that the box changes its place to Metroid for Mega-Man The last one: WTF? How come that cannonball didn't kill Mario? They will tell me that they are in different positions next to each other, but that is impossible since it is a 2D world, also. Why would Mario team up with a Goomba? shouldn't they be enemies? Ok I'm done and before you say that this is a Hate to Lokman this is just my opinion. If you see this, I say that you make very good animations and your work is very high quality and very original. Ok I retire: p.


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