Sonic the Hedgehog MEGA Compilation (Season 1)

This is the biggest Sonic the Hedgehog compilation you can find on online!
Special thanks to all the animators who worked on this massive compilation of Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega.
#spritars #sonic #knuckles

List of episodes:
00:03 Sonic Emerald Calamity
02:05 Sonic’s Trampoline Calamity
05:47 Kirby vs Mario and Sonic
07:45 Sonic’s Mistery Box Calamity
09:39 Mario and Sonic TAG TEAM
13:50 Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog vs Pacman
15:51 Sonic and Pacman vs Ghosts in Pixel isometric world
22:06 If Pacman and Sonic switched places
24:07 Pacman with Sonic POWER
31:23 Pacman and Sonic TAG TEAM



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