The Best Nintendo Switch Controller In 2024

Finding the best Nintendo Switch controller is tough. The Switch’s hybrid nature means there’s no single controller that is best for every player. Handheld players will want the best grips, while those who play docked will be looking for a great pro-style pad–and those of us who use the Switch in both modes might be looking for an option that can do both. Meanwhile, fans of retro titles or fighting games may want something that feels better suited to their perfered genres. Luckily, whatever your criteria, we’ve rounded up the best Nintendo Switch controllers in 2024 to help make your search for a new gamepad a little easier.

The Switch Pro controller is an easy and safe choice, but numerous third-party controllers give it a run for its money. We’ve picked out the best Switch controllers for just about every type of game and experience. Depending on what you play, you may even want to pick up a couple of the controllers on this list.

Some of the top brands to consider include 8BitDo, a maker of retro-inspired controllers and the company behind our favorite Pro Controller alternatives, the Pro 2 and Ultimate; Hori, which makes the Split Pad Pro, Split Pad Compact, and more of the best Nintendo Switch accessories; and PowerA, which offers some of the best budget Switch controllers and a great GameCube-style option as well. Depending on your Switch gaming habits and needs, you can find a great third-party Switch controller out there for less than the price of a Pro Controller–though it’s not a bad idea to invest in one of those as well.

From Switch Pro Controller alternatives and better Joy-Cons to fight sticks and retro pads, here are the best Switch controllers we’ve tried and swear by. Plus, check out our picks for the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases, screen protectors, and grips as well as great Bluetooth headsets for Switch.

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