Should You Buy a Nintendo Switch on Amazon Prime Day 2023?

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for 6 years now and has become one of the best-selling consoles of all time. Although there are rumors swirling about the next generation of Nintendo consoles, the Switch remains the best way to play most Nintendo games in 2023. Despite its age, however, there are rarely any actual discounts on the Nintendo Switch outside of sales events.

Amazon Prime Day is happening next week, and although we likely won’t see big discounts on Switch consoles, it is a surprisingly good time to save on Nintendo Switch games and accessories. Below are some details on what you can expect during Prime Day 2023.

What Nintendo Switch Deals Should You Expect on Amazon Prime Day?

While it’s possible that Amazon will be offering direct discounts on the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED during Prime Day, history would suggest otherwise. If you’re looking to save money on a new Nintendo console, your best bet is likely going to be a bundle. Traditionally Amazon has a variety of different Switch bundles during sales events that are worth taking advantage of – the most popular one being the Mario Kart 8 bundle.

Outside of the consoles themselves, we will likely see some great Nintendo Switch games go on sale for under $30. Although we likely won’t see such discounts on newer games like Tears of the Kingdom, titles such as Breath of the Wild and Mario Party Superstars will most likely be on sale. Amazon has also offered various buy 2 get one free sales that have applied to games as well.

If you already have a Switch and are just in the market for some of the best Switch accessories, Prime Day is usually a good time to find both third-party controllers, cases, SD cars and other add-ons for a discounted price.

Do Other Retailers Have Nintendo Switch Deals on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon isn’t the only one with a Prime Day sale planned for next week. Both Best Buy and Walmart will be having sales events during the same time period that will likely have similar discounts on Switch bundles and games. Walmart especially tends to have a fairly decent selection of popular Nintendo Switch games that get discounted during shopping holidays.

Although the discounts between retailers will likely be similar, keep an eye out for differences between bundles depending on the retailer. Amazon will often bundle consoles with various different third-party accessories and these may differ at Best Buy or Walmart. The games that are on sale sometimes differ as well between retailers.

Should You Buy a Nintendo Switch on Prime Day or Black Friday?

The short answer is that you should buy a Nintendo Switch whenever there’s any kind of sale, regardless of the time of year. Amazon will likely offer the same console bundles on Prime Day as it will on Black Friday, so there’s no real reason to wait if you’re in need of a Nintendo Switch.

That being said, there are sometimes some unique bundles and promotions during Black Friday that you won’t find any other time of the year. They usually includes additional games or accessories for free, but quantities tend to be limited. As always, do your research into the seller before you make a purchase.

Early Prime Day Switch Deals

Looking for discounts on Switch games and accessories before Prime Day? Here are our top picks for today:

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