MicroSD Cards on Sale for All-Time Low Prices

Are you looking to expand the storage of your Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck? Well, look no further than Samsung who has an incredible sale going on right now with some of their microSD cards. Currently, you can pick up a 128GB card for just $12.49 (originally $19.99) or a 512GB card for only $39.99, which is marked down over 50% from its usual price of $84.99! It’s a spectacular deal, and you can head to the links below to see their deals in full.

Samsung MicroSD Cards on Sale

SAMSUNG EVO Select Micro SD-Memory-Card + Adapter, 512GB
53% off $84.99

SAMSUNG EVO Select Micro SD-Memory-Card + Adapter, 128GB
38% off $19.99

Now is a great time to pick up one of these cards, especially with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom coming soon in May. Considering that the base file size of the game is a whopping 18.2GB (making it the largest first-party Switch game to date), it’s well worth grabbing a new microSD for the added space on your Switch. And, if you’re looking to pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom after picking up a new microSD card, you can find links to pre-order the game and the brand-new Link Amiibo right here.

In keeping with the Nintendo theme here, there are also some leftover microSD cards on sale from MAR10 Day! These range from 64GB cards to 512GB cards and are decorated to match some of the best Nintendo titles, including Zelda and Animal Crossing alongside Mario. For more deals going on today, you can visit our Daily Deals page. This includes an incredible Nintendo Switch bundle from MAR10 Day as well, where you can pick up the Mario red console and a Mario game of your choosing (between these three titles: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, or Super Mario Bros U Deluxe) for $299.99.

Hannah Hoolihan is a freelance writer who works with the Guides and Commerce teams here at IGN.

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