Metroid Prime Fans Will Want To Check Out This Detailed Samus Statue

Visually, sci-fi can be a hard nut to crack as imagining the technology of tomorrow can look very dated if not done properly. Not Metroid though, as Nintendo’s action-packed video game series has a timeless design that mixes high-tech powersuits with alien worlds that look as good today as they did decades ago. If you’re a Metroid fan, then you’ll want to check out this upcoming replica of Samus Aran in her iconic Varia suit from Metroid Prime, which is now available for preorder at First 4 Figures.

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Three editions of this PVC statue will be available. The collector’s edition, priced at the early bird special rate of $150, includes an additional arm sculpt and a subtle view of Samus’ face behind her visor via an LED light-up function, while the First 4 Figures exclusive edition ships in a premium deluxe box and comes with an authentication card. You can also get a standard edition from Big Bad Toy Store for $130.

Regardless of which model you pick, you’re getting a high-quality and lifelike PVC statue of Samus, two interchangeable arms, and a base inspired by the Metroid logo. The statues are expected to release in Q3 2024 (July or later)

The other neat thing about this statue is that the LED lighting is spread throughout the suit, and once turned on, it creates a great effect for this showpiece, which measures in at an impressive 10.8 inches in height. Additionally, you’ll receive reward points with this purchase that can be used on other items in the F4F store. The shop has a few other Metroid items that would make for excellent gifts, like this life-size replica of Samus’ Varia suit helmet and an imposing statue of Metroid villain Ridley.

The new Samus statues are releasing on the heels of Metroid Prime Remastered, a wonderful upscaled version of the all-time classic. Prime Remastered received a surprise launch earlier this year and remains one of the best Switch games of 2023–plus it only costs $40.

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