How Long To Beat Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 is the latest in Nintendo’s series of adorable puzzlers. Like the previous games, this one stars a group of tiny space explorers who come upon a planet eerily like Earth and use small plant-like critters to open pathways, solve puzzles, and gather treasure. Unlike the previous games, though, this one will take a good deal longer to finish. Here’s how long it will take to beat Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 spoilers follow.

How long is Pikmin 4?

The latest game in the Pikmin series features some massive areas to explore, and a wider variety of activities. On top of exploring the overworld across several different environments, you’ll also delve into caves, take part in Night Missions with the new Glow Pikmin, and compete in Dandori Battles. There are upgrades to your faithful canine companion to purchase and equipment to buy, as well as dozens of marooned space explorers to rescue.

You can complete Pikmin 4 in roughly 18-20 hours, at which point you’ll see credits and the first ending. However, that immediately begins a post-credits sequence that opens new chapters to see the true ending. Completing these new objectives will extend the game significantly, so you can expect the true ending to take around 25-30 hours. If you want to keep playing to complete every mission and side quest, including the main quest of rescuing every stranded explorer, we estimate it will take more than 40 hours. This makes Pikmin 4 a much larger game than its predecessors, which typically took 8-12 hours each.

  • Roll Credits: 18-20 hours
  • True Ending: 25-30 hours
  • 100% Completion: 40+ hours

Pikmin 4 is aimed at welcoming newcomers into the series and features a new story that does not require knowledge of previous games. In fact, you create your own space explorer as a member of the Rescue Crew dispatched to find Captain Olimar, along with the first crew that crashed upon its own rescue attempt. The game also adds a new companion named Oatchi, who acts as a more powerful Pikmin and a rideable mount. Be sure to read GameSpot’s Pikmin 4 review for more.

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