A New Zelda Themed Switch Controller Is On The Way From Hori

Hori, the third-party controller manufacturer behind the popular Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch, recently announced a new Zelda-themed version of its Horipad wired controller that’s set to release on October 5.

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The controller is officially licensed by Nintendo and features a white and gold color scheme with a black monochrome decal of Link from Twilight Princess on the right handle. While it’s a wired controller, the included USB cable is ten feet long, which should be long enough for most gaming setups. It also includes extra features, like fast-action trigger shoulder buttons, a detachable D-pad adapter, and a turbo button (though it lacks the gyro and vibration functions found in Nintendo’s official Joycons and Switch Pro controllers).

You can preorder Hori’s new Zelda-themed Horipad Pro for $30 at Amazon.

The new Horipad isn’t the only upcoming Zelda-themed controller from Hori. Preorders are also available for Hori’s officially-licensed Tears of the Kingdom Hori Split Pad Pro releasing on August 31 that supports standard Switch and Switch OLED models, and a wireless Zelda-themed Horipad Pro set to release on July 28 that includes even more features like motion control support.

Along with these new Hori controllers, there are also new Zelda-themed gamepads available from Zengrip, IINE, PDP, and PowerA. And if you’re lucky, you can still find the official Tears of the Kingdom Switch model online.

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