Lokman Maze Adventure – Official Game Trailer

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://lokmanmazeadventureapp.page.link/store
Lokman Maze Adventure is a 2D platform with puzzle elements and traps to avoid, all with a beautiful Pixel retro style. Your primary goal is to reach the door at the end of the Maze, but to open it you’ll need the special green gem hidden in the level!

You will find also special trophies to collect trough the levels, collect them all and you can access to the special Boss stage, if you complete it you’ll pass to the next world. There are 4 different Worlds, all super colorful filled with special traps and treasures, surrounded by charming retro music.

If you like pixel retro games and want to have fun with puzzle platform levels, then you should consider Lokman Maze Adventure right now!

Features on this game:
• 4 different immersive worlds.
• 10 different levels and a special boss challenge on each world.
• Improve your score to get at the top of the worldwide chart!
• 2D pixel graphics and animations to feed your retro nostalgia from the 80s and 90s games.
• Beautiful chiptune music.

Help Lokman reach the end of each level and get back his precious trophies to his Cave!
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  1. Hi lokman
    I downloaded the game I opened it and it keep saying my app is old go to update
    And there is no update button for the game in Google play store
    I deleted the game and downloaded it twice but the same
    What should I do lokman?

  2. 10 – 10 Here we go again!
    9 – 9 Don't fall behind!
    8 – 8 Say, don't be late!
    7 – 7 Destination heaven!
    6 – 5 Stay alive!
    4 – 3 Now it's you and me!
    2 – 1 We're gonna have fun
    Say, blast off! Hey!

    Excalibur – It's not that far
    What do ya make? – Give & Take
    Goin' home – Time Zone
    Check out Egg – He's never alone
    Leather'n Lace – Get in place!
    What do y' get? – Say, fast jet!
    Doom Room – Cosmic zoom
    Heads up, Jake – It's Sonic boom!

    Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior – Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
    Your hour is near at hand
    You've got the power to save the land!

    Take a little chance – Slip on through
    Y' gotta survive no matter what you do
    You gotta do for you

    Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior – Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
    The power is in your mind
    To save the planet and conquer time!

    Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
    Deep in space and time
    Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
    Forever in your mind!
    Nothing can survive, the will to stay alive
    'Cause if you try, you can do anything!

    Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
    Always takes a chance
    Toot, toot, Sonic Warrior
    Never says he can't!
    Nothing can survive, the will to stay alive
    'Cause if you try, you can do anything!

  3. The game certainly looks great and the music is also nice!
    But in my opinion, a full-fledged adventure platformer with more complex and longer levels (still retaining some puzzle/maze elements as a twist) and detailed plot (a gradually unfolding in-game story with cutscenes etc) would suit better to carry that 8-bit retro vibe that fits the author's perspective. Such a game would be more attractive to play through as the player would be curious to see what's next. The one shown here is cool in terms of audiovisuals but the whole idea of collecting all statues and finding the exit is a bit too simple and repetitive (for me).
    Maybe you could use the concept in the next project someday?
    Thanks for all your work ! Keep it up!

  4. My only major complaint is that it lags like hell on my iPhone 6, though I'm sure that has less to do with the game itself and more to do with the hardware I'm using to play it.
    Also, I'm scared I might've made a typo in my name when I first started it up, and I can't change it. Can you please add an option to change player names in the future?


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