Ugandan knuckles vs Bowsette

What if Uganda Knuckles met Bowsette? Is that the way? And do you know da wae?
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And also the KWEEN KANNA is back.
If you don’t know the Uganda Knuckles way, this video is for you!
Uganda knuckles more like red Somalian sonic from SEGA da wae animation vr chat

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May the way be with you!

Ugandan knuckles vs Bowsette
by Lokman Video

#mario #bowsette #lokman


  1. Stop it. Just stop it. The meme is already dead. People are losing Their fucking Sense of Humor. People need To Shut Up about Uganda Knuckles because the meme is already fucking dead. And you're still supporting the meme. Stop it. Just stop it. If you don't stop, then people will rant at your channel saying the meme is dead, you need to shut the hell up about the dead meme. And remember: the more you make Ugandan Knuckles videos. The more hate you'll get. So stop it. You're making us hate you. You're making us ranting at your channel. JUST STOP SUPPORTING THE MEME DAMN IT. Anyways, If you don't ever stop supporting Ugandan Knuckles, you'll end up getting more hate than usual. Good Night.

  2. Most of Internet: *sees ugandan knuckles* aaaaa a dats a ded meme
    Me, an african: *actually enjoys it because he sees himself represented on UK*
    Most of Internet: u normie
    Me, an african: Idk.
    Lokman: Hey i like your opinion here you got a new Ugandan video
    Me, an african: YEEEE BOIIII

    (If someone asks, yes i am african, and i feel represented with UK)

  3. People need to stop say this meme is ded because that just make you a terrible person and a bully and wat would happen if that was you people if you created a meme and then soon someone will say your a ded meme, how will that make you feel then, a meme you people create into a ded meme, this Uganda Knuckles meme deserve to live because it has a purpose like the other memes out there, TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY, TO LAUGH, TO MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO JOIN AND MAKE OTHER PEOPLE LAUGH AND HAPPY, AND WHERE IS THE FUCKIN ALL MEMELORD ABOVE PROOF THAT THIS MEME IS DED AND, I HAVE SEARCH EVERYWHERE ON YOUTUBE HIGH AND LOW EVER SINCE THE RUMORS THAT IS MEME IS DED AND STILL SEARCHING, DO YOU ALL WANT KNOW WHAT I'VE FOUND ABSOLUTELY GOD DAMN NOTHING NO PROOF, NO EVIDENCE, NOT EVEN ONE SO TO THOSE OF YOU YOUTUBER AND TWITCH PEOPLE OUT THERE REMEMBER THIS, ONE DAY YOU ALL WILL BECOME A MEME AND THEN SOON PEOPLE WILL CALL YOU A DED MEME AND THE LOOK ON YOUR FACES AND I WILL LAUGH NON STOP BECAUSE YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOUSELVES FROM THE VERY BEGINNING WHEN THIS MEME CAME OUT NOT ME BUT OF YOU PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT, oh and LOKMAN thank you for carrying out this meme, you and many others are doing the same thing thank you.

  4. Bowser from the fourth wall by remembering the trick of Ugandan Knuckles.

    But what would happen if Ugandan Knuckles got his hands on the princess crown?


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