Super Angry Bros 2 REMASTERED

The official Super Angry Bros 2 is back remastered in shiny 4K at 60 fps!!!
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Completely remastered and for the first time ever in 4K at 60 fps!
This is the second episode of Super Angry Bros, before many other youtubers and animators around the world started to copy it.
But at the same time I’m so proud to be the inspiration for many talented animators as well, so not just spriters that copied my content.
My journey as an animator started more than 20 years ago and I’ll never STOP!!!

And thank you from my heart to the over 30+ MILLION people who watched this series!!!
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Super Angry Bros 2 REMASTERED
by Lokman Video


  1. Can I make a video with you i'm your biggest fan please do me a great job on this video love your channel I really hope you say yes please get back with me before two years please please how do you change I really need someone to make one with me you're the best person that I can make one with please

  2. Remember waluwigi joins smash make part 2 to make you a detective but while waiting tell assist trophies fighters and elecman for 1 month you found them and made waluwigi an assist trophy


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