DRAGON BROS Z (Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros Parody Animation)

The first episode of Dragon Bros Z where Super Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong join the Dragon Ball Z universe!
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Custom sprites editing and animation – Sound

Stefano Baldin
Compositing – vfx

DRAGON BROS Z (Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros Parody Animation)
by Lokman Video

#dragonball #Mario #Lokman


  1. (Power up) This is a super bro.. (another power up) this is what Is known as a super bro ascended beyond a super bro. Or.. you could just call this a super bro 2. AND THIS.. IS TO GO.. EVER.. FURTHER BEYOND.. (POWER UPPPPPPP) THIS IS.A SUPER BRO THREEEEEEEEE

  2. so what i think is:
    Mario – Goku
    Super Mario – Super Saiyan Mario
    Luigi – Raditz
    Wario – Nappa
    Waluigi – Vegeta
    Donki Kong – Saiyan after looking at the full moon
    Peach – Chichi
    Pauline – Bulma
    Picollo – Yoshi
    Krillin – Toad
    Yamcha – Goomba


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