BALDI’S BASICS VS 3D PACMAN and SONIC The Hedgehog (Official series)

BALDI’S BASICS vs Pacman and Sonic the Hedgehog in super 3D! Who is gonna win this battle?
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Sonic and Pac-Man together in Baldi’s basics in education and learning trying to escape from the school.

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In collaboration with Antonio Palmucci

BALDI’S BASICS VS 3D PACMAN and SONIC The Hedgehog (Official series)
by Lokman Video

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  1. Sonic
    the end of the path would not be the end of the sonic broom and the baldi was going to be nice for example I and baldi questions I like to look at the others eg I'm garez and the enemy of the gang, so garez zimbave zombies grandpa and granny spider in the van came next to me and the parrot is now with me

  2. I think this is the first time that Walkman went 3-D on his animations because you never seen a 3-D version but now there is I actually got to say this animation is pretty sweet and very cool I really like on the sonic model and everything elseI think this is a long last episode I mean video because I am I am on walkmans channel and stairs and I’m trying to look for this video but there still no results


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