Here’s an original song I wrote for the popular youtube channel, Lokman. Check out his channel and the new community channel here:

SPRITARS: http://bit.ly/2KLg3jS
LOKMAN: http://bit.ly/2Hgsxhk

====General Info====

Join my discord for behind the scenes, sneak peeks, and request polls: https://discord.gg/89qasVp

My chiptune music is meant to emulate the 2A03 chip, which has two square channels, one triangle channel, one noise channel, and a sample channel.

My Mountain Dew flavor of the month: Liberty Brew.

No need to ask for permission! My music can be used in anything you’d like, just leave credit!

Any remixes on my channel are transformative works of existing songs, but they in no way contain any part of the original and do not intend to copy existing content. No part is auto generated or a duplication of any kind. Thanks, and enjoy the video.


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