Lokman Maze Adventure

2D Pixel platform adventure with traps and puzzles to solve full of treasures.

Lokman Maze Adventure is a 2D platform with puzzle elements and traps to avoid, all with a beautiful Pixel retro style. Your primary goal in Lokman Maze Adventure is to reach the magic door at the end of each Maze, but to open it you’ll need the special green gem hidden inside the level!

Don’t forget to collect all the gold trophies trough the levels, there are three of them on each level, collect them all and you’ll get access to the special Boss stage, if you complete it you’ll go to the next world.

There are 4 different Worlds, all super colourful and filled with special traps and treasures, surrounded by charming retro music. If you like pixel retro games and want to have fun with puzzle platform levels, then you should consider Lokman Maze Adventure right now!

Features on this game:

  • 4 different immersive worlds.
  • 10 different levels and a special boss challenge on each world.
  • Improve your score to get at the top of the worldwide chart!
  • 2D pixel graphics and animations to feed your retro nostalgia from the 80s and 90s games.
  • Beautiful chiptune music.

Help Lokman reach the end of each level and get back his precious gold trophies to his Cave!